`` Nothing Happened `` By Chan Koon Chung

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When those words are being written down, a huge protest named “Occupy Central” is taking place in Hong Kong. At this critical moment of history, what impresses us first from the name of this protest is a power of space: Hong Kong people, who is regarded as the peripheral of China, by occupying the Central (a sub-center), strive for becoming visible and hearable to the center (Beijing) to resist their doomed future: an ostensible “direct election” in 2017, or even worse political sufferings that people cannot imagine. This highly intense political anxiety related to the mainland, since the postwar period, has accompanied Hong Kong people and been deeply internalized into their spatiotemporal experience. Based on a novella named “Nothing Happened” (什么都没有发生) from Hong Kong writer Chan Koon-chung, this paper tries to investigate how the Hong Kong protagonist’s anxiety of the future of his city, a temporal experience, however appears within a spatial, or precisely, geopolitical form, and furthermore, the paper tries to trace beneath the anxiety to the trauma that is interweaved with the (post)coloniality of Hong Kong. As Ackbar Abbas points out: “Hong Kong has no precolonial past to speak of” (2). Initially, Hong Kong is a colonial city strategically located and established at an intermediary point, not only as the geographical intermediary of the continent and the sea, weaving the mainland China into the colonial/global capitalist system since the middle 19th century, but also

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