Nothing Happened For The First Half Hour

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Nothing happened for the first half-hour. Forty-five minutes after drinking, Flash began to foam at the mouth and retch. An hour into the experiment, Flash twisted in a series of violent seizures and began vomiting blood. “I guess we have our answer,” Crocco said. “Yup, that’s enough. No need to make him suffer; better to put him down,” William said. Crocco and William reached for the Glock 9 mm handguns strapped to their thighs. Crocco pulled the gun from his holster and racked a round. “I’ll do it,” Crocco said. “Stay the fuck away from him,” Jack said. “He’s my dog, I’ll do it.” Jack leaned over and gave Flash a kiss on the snout. He ran his hand up and down Flash’s back, and then stood up. He removed a Smith and Wesson .38 Special Police Revolver from his holster and stepped back. He aimed the revolver at Flash’s mid-section, raised his left hand to steady the weapon, and pulled the trigger twice. Crocco and William watched the scene. Crocco held his Glock at his side, and William kept his hand on the butt of his handgun. Both men stood ready to cut Jack down if he turned away from Flash and drew down on them. They relaxed when Jack returned his revolver to the holster on his hip. Jack walked into the barn, and returned with a wheelbarrow and a shovel. He lifted Flash and gently placed him in the wheelbarrow next to the shovel. “Need any help burying him?” Crocco asked. “No. I’ll do it myself.” “It would be crass for us to say ‘thank you,’” William said. “Flash

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