Nothing Is A Seven Letter Word

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“Nothing” is a seven-letter word. Yet despite the small nature of it, the phrase congregates the whole message of the Swiss Village commercial into one compact word. In this context, “nothing” refers to the man’s perspective of the importance of his activities. He obviously enjoys what he does at Swiss Village, so he replies with the word “nothing” to describe the simplicity of his enjoyable day. The Swiss Village commercial entices the elderly audience to join their community through persuasion of pathos, which ultimately hooks the audience into wanting to go there.
Of the seven total activities completed by the old man in the commercial, each one had similar significance. In the first activity, the man rode a moped; in the second, he went swimming; in the third, he was dining; in the fourth, he attended aerobics; in the fifth, he played billiards; in the sixth, he played shuffleboard; and in the last, he fished. Each activity lasted about one-and-a-half seconds in the commercial, making it seems as though the day went by very quickly because the man was having so much fun. Also, every time he shows his face, he smiles consistently. This ensures for a fact that he is having a good time.
In addition, community also plays a role in the well-being of the man. At the table where the man ate dinner, it seemed as if his long-term companions joined him in a nice meal, adding to his pleasure of the community. The table members looked aged. But, it seemed as if they were having…
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