Nothing New Under The Sun : A Look At Existentialism

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Juan Linares Mr. Maust English IV AP 7 December, 2015 Nothing New Under The Sun A Look at Existentialism The purpose of life is to be happy; to seek a microcosm of something, and there find the slot where your piece fits. Once a person has become a part of something, happiness is achieved - and life is fulfilled; the priest finds the parish, the athlete finds the field, and the baker finds the bakery. Happily do they continue on with their lives, and to them, life is fulfilled. A haze of joy and mirth shields the everyday man from the reality of their insignificance; some admit it and manage on, but others crash and crumble under the weight of the truth: for what it is worth, the deeds of a man matter as much as the grime on a snail’s shell. This truth is not entirely grim; however, it does allure. Many have been drawn to find, for themselves, the truth of human worth. Existentialists focus on the question that is a concrete human existence, and the conditions of such existence; they do not dwell on a hypothesis for human essence, instead they stress that this essence is determined by an individual’s own life choices. Although humans live in the world, a distance is created in order to add meaning to the disinterested world; however, this meaning is fragile and can be disturbed by tragedy or insight. When this disturbance occurs, and humans’ precarious lives crumble, the true nature of the world is revealed; a nature that shows little importance for humans; this way of
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