Nothing: Poetry and Persona

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Breaking Through
Myrna Pena Reyes Haltingly I undo the knots around your parcel that came this morning.
A small box should require little labor, but you’ve always been thorough, tying things tight and well. the twine lengthens, curls beside the box. I see your fingers pull, snapping the knots into place
(once your belt slapped sharply against my skin)
You hoped the package would hold its shape across 10,000 miles of ocean.
It’s not a bride’s superstition that leaves the scissors in the drawer. Unraveling what you’ve done with love
I practice more than patience a kind of thoroughness
I couldn’t see before. I shall not let it pass.
My father, this undoing is what binds us.

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The knots also symbolized of how patient the persona’s father, it definitely reflects the he tied the box.

In the poem, there is a mention of belt in the 10th line of first stanza. It says, “once your belt slapped sharply against my skin,” it is being enclosed in the parenthesis for further emphasis. The belt that the author projects in line 10 only symbolizes that the persona’s father is a man of discipline. He slaps the persona sometime in his/her childhood to discipline him/her. Through the belt, it shaped the persona for he/she no. through the father’s slapping, the persona learned things between bad and good, and right or wrong. The belt also symbolizes display or the manifestation of power. It only shows that during childhood of the persona, he/she exists in the patriarchal world. Indeed, during the persona’s childhood, he/she exists in te patriarchal society for he/she experienced being beaten by the father.

Not using the scissors in cutting could also mean a lot in the poem. As an assertion, the persona did not use the scissors to unravel the tight knots of the box because the persona wanted to savor the moment of unraveling with love. If the person uses the scissors, it will project that the persona is non-appreciative of the love of the father. Not using the scissors could also mean that the persona prolonged the excitement by opening it
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