Nothing Was The Same : The Life After Stardom

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Hamza Ather
MUS1302 A
Professor Alyssa Woods
December 6th 2016

Nothing Was the Same: The Life after Stardom

History of hip-hop has rapidly advanced the last ten years, with albums and songs morphing more into different genres. Individuals who push the boundaries in music will always prevail more than other individuals in the industry. Aubrey Graham is a perfect description of pushing boundaries in the industry by pushing the darker sonics in hip-hop and blending singing with rapping. Nothing Was the Same is Aubrey Drake Graham’s third studio album installment, and was released September 24th, 2016. Many never really understand the amplitude and the craft of these individual tracks scaled with multiple layered vocals, samples and progression keys. Nothing Was the Same is the perfect cohesion of rap and singing, and foster the music we here today. Executive producer and mixing engineer Noah Shebib provided the many sonics and blends in tempo to craft a perfectly done hip-hop album. This essay will breakdown the many samples and elements of music used in the album.

Wu-tang Clan Forever brought a chilling and iconic rap that solidified Aubrey Graham’s perfection of blending rap and hip-hop. “What made me think about the game, girl and how I switched it up with a new thing Young nigga came through on his Wu-Tang”. The sampled used in this song was Jeremy Rose Zodiac, where they broke down the piano loop and introduced the loop as a transition in the…

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