Nothing but Net

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Giving a monster “Rarr” he lunged forward slightly. Nathan laughed, admiring Todd for going through what he did and saw what he saw, and still being able to entertain.
“So why aren't you afraid?”
Todd answered with his own question. “Why you, wave me?”
“Because you're my friend,” he said.
Todd put his hand on top of Nathans and smiled. “Dats why no awaid,” he said patting his hand.
Nathan worried a little that in his drugged state, he might discuss the Monster that saved his life. But then thinking about it, anyone who was listening would laugh it off as a result of the drugs. He put his other hand over Todd's and gently squeezed as he leaned in and quietly assured him. “They will never hurt you again.”
Todd's eyes glazed over, but he held back his tears and nodded. Nathan stood up before his eyes had a chance to.
“As friends, I was wondering if I could ask a favor Todd?” he asked.
Todd just answered, “Wecret wafe wiff me.”
Nathan knew before he asked that his secret was safe with Todd, but he just wanted to make sure. “Thank you,” he said heading toward the door but Todd interrupted.
Nathan stopped and turned around. Todd signaled to the window.
“Really,” Nathan said realizing what Todd wanted.
“Weeze,” Todd begged.
Nodding Nathan looked out the window and saw the path easily. He walked over to Todd's bed and quickly checked the wiring. Plenty of…

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