Nothing but the Truth

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Nothing But the Truth Title: The October Book Report by Sam Wasserman First Paragraph (Introduction) 1. Introduce book and author. 2. Give a BRIEF summary of the plot. 3. Explain how Avi wrote it and why. YOUR SENTENCES (The final number is up to you in each paragraph.) 1. Nothing But The Truth, by Avi is a spectacular novel in every aspect. 2. This novel isn’t a traditional book; its written with dialogue and primary source documents. 3. The character in this narrative really comes alive in different parts of the story and the characters could be in our class room at the very moment. 4. For example,…show more content…
5. On the bus, he describes it to two or three friends saying Miss Narwin hates him; that is all, but it’s more than that. 6. Once again truth is twisted by Philip telling the reporter his story about the singing of the national anthem because reporters try to make everything “juicy”. Check List I have connected each sentence to the one before it; my sentences flow. ______ I have not used words repetitiously. ______ I have explained the three episodes of truth twisting in chronological order. _____ I have not used I or you. _____ I have read this paragraph aloud at least once. _______ Fourth Paragraph 1. Explain Avi’s theme, his purpose. 2. Why was it written for young adults? 3. HINT: Think of the title! YOUR SENTENCES 1. Avi’s theme in this book is that some rules don’t have to be followed exactly; just because the Vice Principal says “now stand respectfully” doesn’t mean you can’t hum. 2. This was written for young adults because we are moving into fighting and being more active and with that breaking more rules. 3. We need to know that if we are suspended we can’t make sure we’ll be on the teams that we want or do the things we want to do. 4. The title Nothing but the Truth is an interesting title because there is truth in this novel but there are also lies. 5. Also this book reminds me that if I joke around too much I will get in trouble and I don’t want that to

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