Notice of Defamation

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REGISTERED A.D/U.P.C. Dated: To, Sonia Bawa Sipra R/o D-102 Defence Colon, New Delhi LEGAL NOTICE SUB: Notice for Malicious Prosecution and Defamation Madam, Under the authority and instructions on behalf of my client, Pradeep Khandelwal, presently resident of AM-141, Shalimar Bag Delhi-110088, hereinafter referred to as my client, I issue you the following legal notice the circumstances necessitating are as under- 1. That my client was inducted as tenant in respect of the IInd Floor “barsati” premises in…show more content…
You are further liable to pay a sum of Rs......../- to my client being the cost of this legal notice. Copy kept. JITENDRA PANCHARIA
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