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Two years ago, when I was faced with the difficult task of choosing a college, I turned to my family for advice. My three oldest siblings, despite their natural bias as Notre Dame alumni, helped me weigh my options thoughtfully and considerately. Talking to them individually about their alma mater, however, I quickly noticed a common thread between their musings which ultimately convinced me to follow in their footsteps: each passionately emphasized the unique opportunities available to them at Notre Dame, opportunities which elevated the school’s role beyond that of mere instructional facilitation— Notre Dame is dedicated to the comprehensive formation of its students. Now, as student myself at Our Lady’s University, I understand what my siblings…show more content…
These interests have driven me to declare an Education, Schooling, and Society minor, to volunteer as a tutor for local children in the Slice of Life program, to join the EduClub here on campus, and to assist in research for National Study of Youth and Religion. Looking towards the future, I am now hoping pursue a career in education policy. This is where the Washington Program could be indispensably helpful. If I were accepted into the program, I would try for an internship at the Department of Education, where I could gain real-world experience in education policy and work among some of the most talented people in the field. Considering Donald Trump’s ambitious goals for the expansion of school-choice programs throughout the country, I would have the chance to witness one of the most exciting and challenging times in American education from the epicenter of policy-making itself. Although I have extensively researched available internship opportunities within the Department, I do not have my eye on any single position. Fortunately, as an intern at the Department of Education, I would have the chance to participate in weekly Q&A panels with officials from different areas within the department, thus exposing me to all the different subsets of education policy. Ultimately, the Washington Program would enable me to hone my interests even further and develop a better understanding of what areas of education policy most engage
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