Notre Dame Game Report

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I was listening to the radio and the Notre Dame football coach was telling them about the game that they were going to play Navy.
“ Well the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are going to be playing Navy this weekend and I have the coach here with us to tell us a little bit about this,” said the radio announcer.
“Well, today we are going,” says Brian Kelly, ”to be giving away some tickets to our game this Saturday.”
The announcer asked, “OK, then let's start. How are we going to do this?”
“We are just going to pick a random name that has texted a number that is on the Notre Dame website. If you text that number, some of you can win tickets,” said Brien Kelly.” I will be picking names for this in five minutes so you should be quick.”
I run and
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The coach is still there, so we get to meet him and he congratulates me on winning the tickets. He explained that the tickets will let me lead the team out of the tunnel at the beginning of the game and I will get to meet all of the players on the team.
I get to pick the seats and they are right above the tunnel by the end zone. We get an autographed game ball and a jersey with all the players names signed on the jersey. We will also be given a tour around the campus.
Dad and I get talking about what we will see at the game and we get really excited. This will be my first college football game and I really want to go and visit the campus. The golden dome, grotto, touchdown Jesus, and the coach statutes are some of the things we will see.
As we are preparing to go to the game, we get all of our Notre Dame gear together to wear and plan where we are going to eat. Stadium seats with the foam are necessary because the stadium seats are made of wood. Bug spray is in the bag to help us not get eaten by bugs in the stadium. This was the best game I have ever gone to because Notre Dame scored 3 touchdowns over Navy and they won the game! I felt very excited that this was very worth my time, and I was excited I won this in a
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