Notre Dame Of Chartres And The Temple Of Khonsu

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Gloria Morales
HUMN 241
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Paired Places: Written Assignment
Notre Dame of Chartres and the Temple of Khonsu

By studying the design of the Norte dame of Chartres cathedral, in France and the Temple of Khonsu located in Egypt. We can emphasize how both buildings relate with each other. The Chartres cathedral and the temple of Khonsu have numerous of connections with other. Although, the structures were built throughout different periods of time and in different locations. Both buildings share some of the same visual characteristics. The resemblances in the style of these buildings, the Chartres Cathedral and the Temple of Khonsu could be seem in the carvings and ornaments that are found in the exterior and interior of these buildings. These carvings and ornaments in the columns, portals and gateways were meant to be educational to the individuals that follow such religion, and that unfortunately did not know how to read, implying the idea of a visual bible.

The temple of Khonsu is an Egyptian temple built in 1184 BCE. The purpose of this temple was to honor Pharaoh Ramesses III, and the Moon-god Khonsu, god of the moon and time, also the god of fertility and the god of healing. However, Pharaoh Ramesses did not finish completing his original sanctuary, but under his successors Ramses IV, the Temple was finally completed. Ramses IV continued the near chambers and added an additional small hypostyle hall to the temple of Khonsu. The Khonsu temple…
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