Nova Scotia Vacation Guide

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Let the Nova Scotia Vacation Guide act as your handbook as you discover Nova Scotia, the second smallest province of Canada, which sits along its east coast. The province's mainland, which includes numerous bays and estuaries. is a peninsula, which is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with Cape Breton Island and Sable Island to the northwest of the mainland. It is for this reason, that this province is often called "the ocean playground."

If you're a nature lover, you'll certainly find Nova Scotia a wonderful place to explore. Moose, deer, porcupine and black bear inhabit most of the mainland. Leisure activities are plentiful in Nova Scotia, with many walking and hiking trails throughout. Be sure not to forget the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton for
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The Bay of Fundy is truly a paradise awaiting your arrival!

This province offers "Sunday Shopping". This means that shops are open on Sunday as compared to typical businesses elsewhere. Convenience and great prices are easily available for your shopping pleasure.

Celebration of many cultural events and festivals goes on throughout the year. Children will enjoy "The Nova Scotia Museum of National History", and for the music lovers "The Celtic Colours International Festival," held every year in October in Cape Breton, is a true delight.

Your taste in the arts and culture will certainly be satisfied as the province offers a variety of festivals that give an insight into local tradition and culture.

Nova Scotia offers so many adventures - whether it's a weekend getaway or a vacation for your entire family. Let the Nova Scotia Vacation Guide be your handbook as you explore what Nova Scotia has to offer. A rich culture of balance and hospitality await you. Come visit Nova Scotia today!

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