Novartis Human Resource Management

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Human Resource Management

Multiple Choice

1. The basic functions of management include all of the following except _____. a. planning b. organizing c. motivating d. leading e. staffing (c; moderate)

2. The management process is made up of _____ basic functions. a. three b. four c. five d. eight e. ten (c; moderate)

3. Which basic function of management includes establishing goals and standards, developing rules and procedures, and forecasting? a. planning b. organizing c. motivating d. leading e. staffing (a; easy)

4. What specific activities listed below are part of the
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Which of the following responsibilities do human resource managers fulfill in their role as employee advocates? a. establish guidelines for how management should be treating employees b. provide support for employees contesting unfair practices c. represent employees’ interests as appropriate d. all of the above e. none of the above (d; moderate)

21. All of the following are examples of human resource job duties except _____. a. recruiter b. equal employment opportunity coordinator c. financial advisor d. compensation manager e. labor relations specialist (c; moderate)

22. Which of the following job titles indicates a position in human resources? a. recruiter b. job analyst c. training specialist d. EEO coordinator e. all of the above (e; easy)

23. Which of the following tasks related to recruiting and hiring is not typically handled by HR staff? a. specify necessary job qualifications b. develop pool of qualified applicants c. conduct initial screening interviews d. administer tests e. explain benefits packages (a; easy)

24. The expertise of human resource departments became indispensable with the _____. a. introduction of employment laws b. passing of equal employment laws c. increase of women in the
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