Novartis 's Transparency & Corporate Social Responsibility

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Novartis’s Transparency & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Ben Lawton, Erin Shull Sean Avjian, & Zain Ali Clark University Author Note This paper was prepared for MGMT 170 Managerial Communication taught by Professor Cheryl Amantea in the Fall Semester Novartis’s Transparency & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a measure of a business’s impacts on society, both positive and negative. Pharmaceutical companies in particular are held to a high ethical standard by the public due to the nature of their products. Novartis, the third largest drug and biotech company in the world, aspires to be a model of ethics and philanthropy in the industry. The company uses its size and global prominence to set a high CSR standard for all businesses. This paper examines some of Novartis’s most recent projects that contribute to the company’s respected reputation, but also investigates lawsuits against Novartis and shortcomings with its transparency, both of which the administration continually fails to address. Recent Philanthropic Initiatives Novartis has increased its budget for charitable healthcare over the last few years. The company developed entire departments to oversee charity projects, raise awareness of diseases, and increase accessibility to its products. These projects focus on providing both preventative and treatment-based healthcare to low-income populations. Work

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