Novel vs. Film: To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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Novel vs. Film: To Kill a Mockingbird
"It's a sin to kill a mockingbird," explains Atticus Finch to his children (To Kill Dir. Robert Mulligan). Neither the novel nor film version of To Kill A Mockingbird is better than one another, just different. "It's no secret that adapting a novel to film can be a perilous affair. A movie, even when it's good, doesn't often convey the feeling of the book it's based on. But in this case screenwriter Horton Foote treated the Harper Lee novel - about a Depression-era Alabama lawyer and his two children - with love and respect, and the director successfully evoked the
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One character that was missing from the movie that played an important role was Aunt Alexandra. First of all by having Aunt Alexandra in the film the reader doesn't see the feminine side to Scout instead only Scout's tomboy side is portrayed. Also, not having Aunt Alexandra around means there is no one to challenge Atticus's authority. Without Aunt Alexandra, Miss Stephanie is also left out. Seeing how Jem and Scout act around another family member is impossible when the directors' cut Aunt Alexandra out of the movie. Showing how the children act around another family member could show different sides of their personalities. A good explanation for leaving Aunt Alexandra out could be that the movie would have just been too long with too many extra parts that may have not been necessary. Rachael Haverford, the Finches' next door neighbor, was another character deleted from the book, Dill was not living with .The movie and the book have differences in the overall way the characters appear. For instance, Jem isn't nearly as physically fit in the movie as he is described in the book. Also in the book Scout is the main character and in the movie Scout doesn't really know what's going on. All of the scenes in the movie that present Scout as anything more than the narrator were cut out. In the book, Scout is more of a girl caught in the middle of Atticus and Alexandria. She acts a lot like Alexandria although she doesn't know it.
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