November 11: France's Armistice Day

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Parades go through the streets of France with flowers and memorials. The crowd is silent and weeping for those dead. Shops are closed and houses quiet as the President comes forth to give a long speech for those lost. It’s France’s huge mourning day. Appropriate for the day, to honor those who have died fighting for France, and a great happiness for the end of World War 1. November 11th has always been known as Armistice Day. This holiday, also known as L’Armstice in France, has been honored and remembered every year since World War 1. On Armistice Day the shops, schools and offices of France are closed. Instead thousands of people gather for parades and church services to honor those lost. Many significant people including the…show more content…
Austria declared war with Serbia, and Russia responded by declaring mobilisation. Russia tried to negotiate terms with Austria, but they wouldn’t comply. On August 1 of 1914, Austria declared war on Russia. Germany declared mobilisation on the same day as Russia did, and they already had a plan known as the Schlieffen plan, which was to invade France and then turn and invade Russia. They decided that with their mobilisation they would try to attack France. France disagreed to military pressure made by Germany and on August 3rd, 1914, Germany declared war on France. The war continued for about 4 years after the declaration of war. Germany was prepared to go along with the previously made Schlieffen Plan and attack France. The initial plan was to defeat Belgium and get to France, thinking Belgium would be an easy win. This proved to be quite the opposite as Belgium put up an incredibly fierce fight despite it’s small size. In addition to it’s persistence Britain also helped to fight for Belgium’s neutrality in the war. This held up Germany for a little and it lost more troops than it was expected to. However Germany still stayed on schedule with the plan. Britain’s army that came to help was very small, but it was very highly-skilled. They were almost defeated by Germany many times, but they managed to hold them off long enough that the French troops had time to arrive and help hold them off. On September 4th, the retreat of the French and British troops was
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