Novice Nurse Research Paper

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The education gained through schooling is the baseline for the student to begin his or her career as a novice nurse. They will have a basic understanding of the objective tasks that are required of them, but will have little to no experience in the field. The clinical and simulation practice gained in school has given the nurse only a glance into the world of nursing care. There will be numerous different situations that this nurse will encumber and they will only know to apply the objective attributes they have been taught (Benner, 1982, p. 403). Take for example learning to drive; the teenager has read the manuals, learned the rules of the road, understands basic vehicle mechanics and has taken an exam for their permit. Once in the driver’s…show more content…
These ‘aspects’, according to the Dreyfus model (1980), “are overall, global characteristics that require prior experience in actual situations for recognition” (p. 8), this may be the main difference between a novice and an advanced beginner. The novice has only their objective attributes while the beginner is just starting to build what they know with the experience they have and they are introduced to patterns within different situations. This nurse will perform only slightly better than a novice, but she will still require specific directions, education and support from more experienced nurses (Benner, 1982, p. 404). An example may be that this nurse will be given direct instruction to perform tasks A to Z on one of their patients, however, as they complete task Q, another patient rings their call button. The beginner will likely continue only on the tasks at hand rather than sorting out what should have been done first and what the nurse can put on hold while she checks on the second patient, who is still ringing the call button. A bold association, might be to say that the advanced beginner nurse works on some level of tunnel vision, where they can see what is going on directly in front of them, but they are unaware of anything going on around
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