Novice Registered Nurses : Poor Delegation Skills

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Novice Registered Nurses: Poor Delegation Skills Introduction Effective delegation by registered nurses is a concern within nursing and health care management. Effective delegation by registered nurses is of concern at all times. With the growing demands placed upon registered nurses, effective delegation has become increasingly pressing in order for registered nurses to be able to concentrate on their performance nursing activities. Registered nurses are frequently team leaders and are responsible for the nursing processes and outcomes regarding patient care. 'As the health care system continues to restructure, registered nurses are finding an increased number of lesser-skilled workers assigned to deliver patient care ' (Parsons, 1998 ). This process requires management and delegation skills. Delegation is one of the key factors in effective teamwork, the improvement of the delegation skills of registered nurses would be of great benefit. 'Delegation has to do with human resources being used to their fullest potential ' (Kaernested & Bragadottir, 2012). Good delegation skills can have a positive impact on teamwork and job satisfaction, providing registered nurses with more time to fulfil their professional role expectations, and reduce the staff turnover rate. Registered nurses working in the acute care setting, despite high workloads are reluctant to delegate. Many registered nurses find delegation time consuming and therefore easier to attend to tasks themselves. When
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