Now That The Importance Of Both Professionalism And Diversity

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Now that the importance of both professionalism and diversity has been thoroughly examined, the question remains how can both be successfully recruited ethically? Before the recruitment process can begin, it is important that the existing board members and/or founders assess the present demographics of the board of directors utilizing effective tools such as a diversity audit (Eaton, & Difilippo, 2016). A diversity audit can assess all areas of diversity including but not limited to age, race, gender, giving potential, and area of expertise showing the current board what they are lacking and what kind of potential board member or members need to recruit to further the resource and reach of the organization. This assessment stage is a…show more content…
These committees do not have to be limited to board members, in order to better provide for the needs of a community, notably in the sector of diversity, community members can be brought on to ensure that both professionalism and diversity is enforced in the election process. Once a committee has compiled a short list of potential applicant to serve on their board, the question arises on how to best incentivize these professional and diverse leaders of the community into committing their time and resources towards the organization’s mission. This problem is very specific to nonprofits as many researchers believe that while it is ethical in the for profit world to pay their board members, it is often looked down upon in the nonprofit sector to monetarily incentivize board members with money that has been donated to serve programs and further the mission (Athitakis, 2014). While money is often a compelling motivator in the for profit world, nonprofits have only seen meager results with this motivational tool, as many of the perspective members are educated or wealthy indicating that they want to use a board membership to fulfill a need of self actualization, a
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