Now That We Have Examined Numbers In The Aspect Of The

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Now that we have examined numbers in the aspect of the big picture, it is important to narrow it down to gain some perspective and to also experimental see if we can determine if the previous numbers could indeed be credible or not. I discovered an article dealing with deaths per year due to miscommunication based strictly from hospitals that are affiliated with Harvard University. In this study, 23,658 malpractice cases from 2009 to 2013 were examined and found that 7,000 cases involved communication failure between medical staff or doctor and patient. Within these cases it was determined that 1,744 deaths per year occurred due to communication related issues. This equates to approximately 30% of cases having communication failure that…show more content…
Per the Harvard Gazette, there are exactly 17 Harvard affiliated hospitals located in the United States, and per the American Hospital Association there are 5,564 total hospitals in the United States. Since 1,744 deaths per year were reported as the total of all the hospitals affiliated with Harvard I thought we could experimentally find the mean of how many deaths are associated with each Harvard affiliated hospital than take the mean found and infer that number to the total number of hospitals in the United States. By multiplying the mean of the Harvard hospitals by the total number of hospitals in the United States, we can obtain a number (very crude but for the purposes of this paper I believe it’s somewhat interesting). Dividing 1,744 by 17 we get 102, then 5,564 multiplied by 102 we get 567,528. This number is way beyond the highest number reported in this paper thus far (the highest being 440,000), which is actually rather interesting. Now, before you dismiss this paper due to the fact that these numbers don’t add up, this was a very crude experiment that is in no way close to an accurate description of using the methods of inferential statistics and
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