Now We Can Begin Speech Annotation

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Savannah Raisor
Mrs. Van Orden
AP Language and Composition
29 September 2014
Now We Can Begin
Crystal Eastman was an American lawyer, antimilitarist, socialist, journalist, and most importantly, a feminist at the end of the women’s suffrage movements. Her words inspire the women of America. She breathed life into the Bill of Rights as a major leader in the suffrage and equal rights movements in the early twentieth century. Eastman displays several ideas that propel the ideology of not only the roles of women, and their independence in the work force, but also to the men and their role within the home. Through addressing women and their capacity to work alongside men, an impression of equality and identity is given to women.

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Women and men are to work side by side in the home. The truth that men are not as capable as women in the home is derived not from the innate incapability, but from the lack of practice. They were never taught to work in the home, as in their youth they were given the chores of the men, and left the housework to their sisters under the firm direction of their mother. As a result of this, they became helpless when it came to housework. This practice has left feminists in a horrified state. The training of young boys and girls starts now.

Eastman is confident, along with many others, that women have the divine right of choosing their occupation. That is not to be hindered by the outrageous ignorance of men. Women have every right, just as men to choose in what environment they will work, and in what specialty they will labor. Women will not tolerate the sexism and prejudice any longer. It is a choice to have children, and if a woman chooses to have children, she interrupts the early start in any career she could possibly have, however this should not limit her in the choice of her career, or the capabilities she possesses either. Motherhood is a choice, and should not be complained upon. There are ways to avoid the consequences of pregnancy and therefore cannot be used as an excuse to complain of prejudices of men. Motherhood is an endowment, a gift. “The occupation of raising children is a service to society… It is

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