Nowadays Advertising Is Ubiquitous We Are Surrounded By

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Nowadays advertising is ubiquitous; we are surrounded by the media. Media is everywhere: in television, journal magazines, books, and the internet. Unfortunately, the social media affects our society as it is universal and it is very hard to avoid it. In this essay, I will argue how today’s advertisement construct, normalize, and commodify identities through its representation. There are various examples for analyzing this image. In this essay I will focus on Image-Base Culture: Advertising and Popular Culture (Sut 327-35), Disney’s Version of Girlhood(Lamb and Brown 326-27), Ghetto Bitches, China Dolls, and Cha-Cha Divas (Pozner 339-48), and Jim Beam Whiskey commercial (SomeAussieFulla). Social media is accessible to everyone, from young…show more content…
On the contrary, she talks about her ideal man that supposed to be fat and hairy. In this example, we can see how women’s body is represented as it supposed to be sexually attractive to men. When she talks she touches herself, her shoulder, her hair, sitting in open poses on the couch. She is sending signals for men’s attraction to grab their attention. As according to social media, this is how women should behave. Women are just objects to sell products. Secondly, media teaches us how we (women and men) should behave, what is considered as “normal”. Sharon Lamb and Lyn Mikel Brown mention some good points in Disney’s Version of Girlhood. When we watch a Disney movie we see a beautiful princess with ideal “Barbie doll bodies”, and “exotic made-up faces.” (Lamb and Brown 336) These princesses are too perfect to be true, yet as little kids we strive to look like them. Girls ask their parents to buy them makeup, princess’s dress, wear heels and more. Women are trained from their girlhood on how they should behave as they find their ideal image in their favorite princess. “Disney girls have lovely voices” their voice makes them beautiful. (Lamb and Brown 336) We can compare the voice to the woman who advertises Jim Beam. We hear only her, talking to the audience with her soft voice, she is smiling with her perfect white teeth, laughing, and it makes her beautiful according to media idealism. One more example that we

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