Noynoy Aquino Regime

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(Have you experienced waiting on an intersection, for the light to get green, only to be overtaken by another vehicle with a siren?… Me too.)
Ihad the chance to watch the inaugural program of the newly-proclaimed president of our country, Benigno Aquino III, or more commonly known as Noynoy to the masses. The excerpt above was mentioned by his excellency during the early stages of his speech. Even though it’s not the crux of the speech, I could easily relate to what he said, for I myself experienced it. “Ako rin…”.
Isn’t it a bitch to be kept waiting at an intersection, waiting for the light to turn green just to follow the rules and be a good citizen, only to be cut by another vehicle with sirens blaring for no emergency reason at all?
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He was silent on some major issues of the country and was not a very vocal critic of the previous regime. He only rose to the limelight of the media after the death of his mother last year. Thus what made him won?
The election into office of Noynoy Aquino is certainly a conglomeration of various and complex factors. However, we can identify two (2) major factors that lead to this resounding victory: 1. the unpopularity of the previous regime of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), and; 2. the heroic images of Noynoy’s parents – his father, the late senator Benigno Aquino II is considered a martyr during the Martial Law years. His mother, the late president Cory Aquino is considered saintly and a protector of democracy owing to her role in the toppling down of the Marcos dictatorship and the restoration of democratic institutions.
The previous GMA regime was considered as the most unpopular regime, more unpopular than the dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Its popularity rating is constantly negative. Its nine (9) years in power is tarnished with many scandals like various anomalous deals worth billions, massive corruption from the top level down to the local units, abuse of power and increased patronage politics, warlordism and political dynasty. It is also notorious for its fascist and deadly approach to dissent. Its legitimacy was constantly under question due to the reported massive and systematic electoral cheating, even using the Commission
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