Nozick Experience Machine

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In “The Experience Machine” written by Robert Nozick who was a philosophy professor at Harvard University. Robert Nozick argues against the hedonism of Bentham. There is a concept of a machine where you can plug it in and you can live the experience that you desire. The machine could stimulate your brain into thinking that it is reality and you can do anything you want, but in reality you are floating in a tank with electrodes attached to your brain. You can also program the machine to how long you want to be in it and if you want to get out and reprogram it to however long you want to stay in it. The question is that would you plug it in if there was nothing to worry about in the real world? Robert Nozick makes these arguments, if all we value is experience than we would spend our live in an experience machine, if we are not willing to spend our life in the experience machine than experience is not the only thing we…show more content…
The experience machine made sound great, you can control whatever you want and be whoever you want, but your own actual experience is way more important. I do agree with all three of his statements because being in the machine is like suicide. I feel like you’re just living in a constant dream and nothing you do in their will affect your real life. Man-made experience is way more important than what a machine can ever give you because you make your own decisions and ultimately live up to your own problems. Nothing can be always perfect and there will be flaws to the machine. Plugging in to the machine is basically like being dead because the outside world will slowly start to forget you and when you decide to unplug the world may of change a lot by then. It basically like those prison people that get sentence for however long and when they return to reality, they have to adapt to it again because the world is constantly
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