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Health History and Physical Examination RUA Chamberlain College of Nursing November 2014 In this Assessment nursing course, one of the major things that is taught is the most important part of giving proper care to a patient. Correct patient assessment is needed before any nursing care plan or treatment can be implemented. This post-review of a person’s assessment will demonstrate the proper way to go about assessing a person’s health. Health History and Physical Examination Health History Under my care for the assessment was Felix Tshimanga, a 50-year old man who has been working in the hospital environment since his 20s. After living in New York for a little less than 10 years, he’s lived in Georgia for 10 years. The reason for…show more content…
Pulse rate is at 72. The blood pressure was 140 / 95,which is suggestive of high blood pressure and related to his medical history. No heart murmur was noted, and no other abnormalities were noted. His gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, and integumentary system were unremarkable. Health Education This section includes some recommendations, including but not limited to: * Healthy diet (balanced diet) by avoiding too much salt in food as salt tends to increase blood pressure. Avoid too much carbohydrates and starch to allow the body to breakdown excess fat in the body. Too much of bad cholesterol can be deposited in blood vessels, thus worsening the patient blood pressure (Baric, 1997). * Adopt some healthy habit such as avoid smoking as it has some effect on both cardiovascular and respiratory system. (Luepker, Johnson, Murray, and Pechacek,(1983). * Physical exercise was recommended as well. Previous research has proven that physical exercise and good diet can efficiently control the patient blood pressure. Patient education: The importance of dieting and exercise is crucial, especially in the modern age we are living in. Staying healthy in America is becoming a serious challenge to most people; cutting down on some fat and going for a weekly physical activities to the gym could make a substantial difference in one’s life. Dieting is so important, considering the amount of carbs and calories the average American consumes each day.

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