Nr 504: Leadership and Nursing Practice: Role Development

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Nurse to Patient Ratios in Acute Care Hospitals Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 504: Leadership and Nursing Practice: Role Development Spring B 2011 My vision for nursing is a simple one. It is not grand or extravagant and therefore, should be easily attainable. The problem is, is that as with any vision, there will be obstacles along the way. I hope to be able to overcome these obstacles and make my vision become a reality. My vision is to establish a guideline to lower the nurse to patient ratios in acute care hospitals, so that the quality of care given to patients as well as employee satisfaction can be significantly raised. Key Concepts of Vision The current nurse to patient ratio at my hospital is 1…show more content…
Durning, (2010) tells how nurses are limited in giving quality care due to the number of patients they have on their shift. It also explains the huge difference in the task of caring for a post-partum mother and a patient recovering from a major trauma surgery. When nurses are too busy because they have too many patients to care for, they are more likely to overlook an important change in their patient. This will cause the patient to deteriorate unnecessarily and could potentially result in death (Durning 2010). “Nurses are the main surveillance system in hospitals” (Queensland Nurse, 2010, p.14). If they have too many patients to look after, something is more likely to be missed. There was a study done last year by Nursing Times, that showed the more nurses a hospital had per bed, resulted in fewer patient deaths, and actually lowered the patient’s length of stay (Queensland Nurse, 2010). The state of Victoria in Australia, like California actually has government mandated nurse-to-patient ratios. Since its implementation of the ratios 10 years ago, Victoria’s health system has been made considerably better. There is a safer environment for the patients, the workplace morale is better, and there are less complaints from the public about the quality of care they receive while hospitalized (Holmes, 2010). Importance to Nursing Quality patient care

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