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NR500 All Weeks Discussions Click Link Below To Buy: week 1 Strategies for Success in the Online Learning Environment (graded) Identify barriers to success in the online learning environment and the strategies to overcome the barriers. Please cite the sources used to support your response. Scholarly Discussion (graded) What are the principles of scholarly discussion in an online environment? How does this differ from a social network? Please cite the sources used to support your response. week 2 Scholarly Writing (graded) Where do you find scholarly articles that you read on a regular basis? Search a scholarly database such as CINAHL, which is available in the CCN online library.…show more content…
Evidence-Based Practice (graded) Share what evidence-based practice means to you (EBP) and describe how EBP is used in your practice setting. PICO (T) (graded) The PICO (T) format is a way to develop a clinical question that lends itself to searching for evidence. Select a common nursing practice (e.g., wound care management) in your clinical setting and formulate a PICO question. Once you have formulated your question, conduct a library search and locate one scholarly article that addresses the topic you have selected. Post your clinical question in the TD, explain the PICO(T) elements, and provide a full reference of the article you selected. NR 500 Week 5 Descriptive Statistics (graded) Read the assigned research article for this week. Identify the descriptive statistics that are reported in the article. How can a nurse leader use descriptive statistics to justify a course of action? What descriptive statistics do you routinely use in your practice? Clinical Significance (graded) Explore these issues on the Internet and through other resources. Share what you find out on these topics: • Confidence Intervals: Why are they useful in helping to determine clinical significance? • There are many controversies surrounding the issue of clinical significance vs. statistical significance. Identify one of them and summarize it. Finish with your opinion about the controversy. week 6 AACN Essentials of Master's Education (graded) Compare and

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