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NRS-430V Discussion Questions 6/24/15: Read Lake and von Baeyer's article, “Tips for Successful Students." Also, review the characteristics of a successful student as explained in the lecture. As you consider these, which is your strongest characteristic? Why? How will this characteristic help you to become a successful student in your program of study? Me: My strongest characteristic related to the article "Tips for Successful Students," (Lake and von Baeyer, 2005), include the fact I am a very responsible individual. When in the classroom setting I always strived to find a seat in the first couple of rows, because I knew I'd benefit from avoiding anonymity - and this stemmed from being responsible and accountable for my self…show more content…
I was asked by the faculty at my school if I could be nominated to give a speech. Then I was told I was selected to do so, which I wasn’t expecting. So on the side of beginning my BSN program this week and figuring all this out, I am finalizing a speech to give today in front of about a thousand people. Here it goes for public speaking! Keathley, M. (2013, February 19). Five Ways to Reduce Fears about E-Learning - Retrieved June 26, 2015, from 7/1/15 How does knowledge of the foundations and history of nursing provide a context in which to understand current practice? Identify at least three trends in nursing practice from the "Nursing Timeline of Historical Events" media piece. How have these trends influenced your perspective of nursing practice? Me: We all know Florence Nightingale as the “founding mother of modern nursing,” (Grand Canyon University, 2015). Current practice is ever-evolving, but one thing that hasn’t changed and will never change is our commitment to “maintaining the standard of our profession as registered nurses…and to practice [our] profession faithfully.” (Grand Canyon University, 2015). Evidenced-based practice will always include our undying commitment, as it is huge

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