Ns325-02 Nutrition Across the Human Life Cycle Essay

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Final Project - 1

Unit 9 Final Project

April Polasek

Nutrition across the Human Life Cycle
NS 325-02
Nancy Mears
November 21, 2011

Final Project - 1
Unit 9 Final Project I would like to start this paper by stating that I have been on a low calorie diet for the past 3 weeks so if my foods seem like they are similar daily this is the reason why. I usually have a pretty healthy diet because nutrition is very important to me and for my children. I try to make sure that my children eat as healthy as possible and get the physical activity that need on a daily basis. In my assessment through Fitday.com my current diet consist of the foods that I have
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I was really surprised that there were so many nutrients that I did not meet the recommended dietary allowance. I am unclear on Vitamin B12 because it has my intake at 2.4 mcg and the RDA was 2.4 my percentage was in the red at 99%. I did not meet my Vitamin C recommendations and I was in the red at 97%, I did not meet the recommendations for Vitamin D and I was in the red at 1%. Vitamin E is another area that I was in the red at 29%, Calcium I was in the red at 65%, Copper in the red at 94%, Iron I was in the red at 35%, Magnesium in the red at 60%, Manganese I was in the red at 78%, Potassium I was in the red at 51%, Thiamin I was in the red at 50 %, and Zinc in the red at 89%. The nutrients that I consumed too much in were Vitamin A at 107%, Vitamin B6 at 124%, Niacin at 131%, phosphorus at 128 %, Riboflavin at 132 %, Sodium at 115 %. I know that when I consume too much sodium in my diet my hands get real swollen so it is very easy for me to know the effects of too much sodium. I really try not to cook with very much salt and I never re-salt my food just for the simple fact that I know how bad it can be for your health. I do not know what the effects could be for consuming too much of the other nutrients. On the nutrients that I did not get enough of Calcium and Vitamin D being among the list of many I know that it is because I do not consume
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