Nsa Spying Scandal : Edward Snowden

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“I think it’s ridiculous for a citizen of a country that views his government’s duty to protect me, protect all of us from evil, from harm, from terrorists, from foreign powers meaning ill — to classify a body of government that is designed to figure out what might hit us next and prevent it, throwing them into an evil bucket is just thoughtless,” Max Levchin, PayPal’s co-founder told the press regarding the NSA spying scandal1. Pandemonium struck once a man leaked to the world that the NSA was spying on people through their electronics. The people could only imagine what kind of information had been seen by the government. However, this was being done to protect them from terroristic threats. Honestly, there is no legitimate reason to be afraid of this. The NSA should be allowed to spy on the technology and social media of American citizens.

The person who revealed the NSA spying scandal was Edward Snowden. Snowden was born in North Carolina and is 31 years old. Also, he is a high school dropout, has a GED, and spent a few months in army training. He is a former NSA contractor, but left and leaked this data, and is now considered a “whistleblower”2. In June 2013, he told the world what he had found while working for the NSA. He revealed that they were looking at people’s data in foreign countries and around the U.S. Amid all this, Edward Snowden is currently on the FBI’s most wanted list for doing this and he is hiding in Russia at the moment. Snowden also revealed what…
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