Nsa Surveillance

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Sharath Thomas
Professor Hugetz
ENGL 1301.08
05 April 2016
NSA Surveillance - Constitutional or Unconstitutional The US Constitution came to life 230 years ago, but recent actions of the National Security Agency is interpreted to be defying the Bill of Rights by the government and depriving the citizens their constitutional right to privacy. However, when posed with the question: Do people want to live in a surveillanced environment like animals in a zoo, with justice and safety ensured but privacy denied completely ? , the answers vary in the community. The revelation of the National Security Agency's massive
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9). Judge Pauley, while ruling over the Smith v. Maryland case in the Supreme Court stated: " a person has no legitimate expectation of privacy in information he voluntarily turns over to third parties"(USAToday par. 2-3). Many other citizens believe that the NSA's actions are unconstitutional. These actions are considered to be a political stunt for hiding all of military business from the public while the government has its open eye on the citizens. Some worry that though the surveillance plan sounds good, persons and companies highly misuse the metadata for their own use. Another dilemma this surveillance poses is the fact that, the government has information about all private transactions and bank records and cards of its citizens. The NSA intrudes into the private lives of the citizens, which in turn takes away the freedom and control the citizens have under the Fourth Amendment of the constitutional rights. The civilians believe that the government is bullying them by prying into their privacy. Mr. Jim Bradford, author of "The Body of Secrets" claims that NSA and government together bend the Fourth Amendment: " Created a structure to allow the government to do this kind of eavesdropping legally"(Michele par. 13). To conclude, many people have the stand that Constitutional rights should not be sacrificed for any reason. While others say, NSA surveillance should not be
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