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I am currently a sophomore undergraduate Marketing major and Digital Studies minor. If I receive the scholarship the financial contributions NSCS has provided will be of great assistance in paying my educational expenses. I plan to study aboard in Spain over the summer to study Spanish and International Business. With help from the generous scholarship, I will be one step closer to achieving my educational and career goals. I believe I deserve to earn the scholarship because my involvement at the University of Mary Washington depicts my dedication and persistence in giving back to the school and the community while putting my education to good use. One way in which I am using my education to enrich my time at UMW is through my work with Community Outreach and Resources. My time at COAR has given me a deep appreciation for how volunteerism…show more content…
The program pairs a college woman with an at-risk middle school girl for a semester of mentoring, leadership skill development, and relationship building to encourage the girls to make positive goals and successes. This program inspired me to join our chapter’s committee for the March to College Day. I want to continue to help and inspire young students to succeed and become leaders in their communities with the help of NSCS. An idea and project I have for our chapter is a fall or winter event dedicated to help people in need during the winter months. Our chapter could help the non-profit organization, Project Linus, by creating and providing homemade blankets to children in need. This would be a great bonding event for our members because it allows several individuals to work together to create a blanket for someone in need. All we would need is felt squares, each of which will have six cut flaps on each side that will be tied together to other squares to form a warm blanket that was created with hope, leadership, and
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