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Both NCSSM Residential and NCSSM Online require a significant time commitment to study outside of school, in the evening and weekends while still participating in extracurricular activities and other activities. How are you going to commit and make time available for NCSSM's academic programs?

I currently spend a significant amount of time studying outside of school, as well as participating in extracurricular activities. I am taking five APs this year, each of which gives about an hour of work to do in the evening and on weekends. In addition to school work, I’ve been playing the piano for 9 years and clarinet for over 4 years, and I practice both instruments every day. School band didn’t fit into my schedule in high school, but,
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NCSSM will allow me to take courses that are more interesting and challenging than even the AP courses that my school provides. I take every opportunity to program I can get, which includes an online AP Computer Science class where I am learning Java, since my school doesn’t have any computer science classes of its own. NCSSM has a thriving computer science department I would love to be a part of by taking courses such as Advanced Java and Data Structures. NCSSM has advanced modeling and calculus classes that my school doesn't offer, as well as high-level physics and biology classes. Unlike my school, NCSSM offers a jazz workshop which I would love to join.
NCSSM’s clubs and extracurriculars also catch my attention. I am most involved in Science Olympiad, and am looking forward to being with other highly motivated students in clubs at NCSSM. I have heard that NCSSM students are so involved in clubs that many clubs have tryouts just for admission. This is the type of environment I know I would do best in.

8. What excites you? Please explain one interesting thing about you, your family, or your community you have not told us already. (make it about you, not the dog)

I enter my house after a long day of school, and my dog greets me with his tail wagging. I smile when I see how happy he is to see me. Like many other kids, I had always wanted a dog, but it was too cold in the
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