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Acknowledgement We would like to acknowledge the person who used to be our guide and believer of what we can do serving the community. It is now are privilege to thank those particular persons who help us achieving the goals we’ve almost-------- after everything that we had experience for the whole semester, where in our abilities and skills were really challenged, the cooperation, the initiatives of each members, the way we talk not only w/in the team but also to those higher and positioned names in the society and of course leaving big decisions everytime we make new moves, each session we meet.

Thanks to Ms. Jackielyn M. Maguslog, coordinator of NSTP-CWTS, Mr. Scoto, NSTP-CWTS adviser, Mr. Emmanuel G. Habla, Jhonner D. Ricafort, Mr.
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Buhatan got its name from the word “binuhat” meaning to lift or carry. The word later on become “Buhatan” which meant that the people in the place always lifts their chapel and transfer it to another site. Barangay Buhatan is located East district of Sorsogon City. It is 5 kilometers away from the city proper and provincial capitol. Barangay Buhatan has a total land area of 629.19 hectars and bounded north San Vicente Bacon District, west Barangay Cabid-an, South Barangay Abuyog and East Barangay Samislaga Bacon District.

WEEK 1 (January 8, 2011)
On the first week of our NSTP-CWTS this 2011, we went to our assigned place (Buhatan Integrated School) last January 8, 2011 that morning with the whole team. With Mr. Jamora, Mr. Ricafort and Mr. Habla to watch and assign us to our respective area. It was rainy that time that made our first week difficult to work there. When we arrive there, we were just all standing watching the wide field flooded by the rain. Until sir Jamora suggested the boys in each team to start digging the canal. When my co-member, Karlo Antonio Diña III stands to lead the boys in the other teams in digging the canal. We ended up that week by making and fixing the depth of the canal.
WEEK 2 (January 15, 2011) On the second week of our CWTS at this year, the two teams already separated that time. There were two teams already separated in each group. The first team, which is the Team A that was

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