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My NSTP during this semester was quite challenging and taskful. Challenging because I am not really a patient person and I’m not that good when it comes to teaching. Taskful because there were lot of things to do and accomplish that made me tire every Saturday. On the contrary from what I had expected, it gave me fun and bit of excitement throughout.
Being the Team Leader is very hard. You have to be influential enough to get your members to follow you willingly. You must have analytical skills, a decision-making ability and a go-getter attitude. You must possess virtues like integrity, dedication, fairness and an open mind to greet new ideas and innovate. As I did my duty, sometimes I glance on my classmates on what they are busy doing
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Before we start our tutorial this day, we played together with the tutees. They really have fun. After that, we had a story telling. The tutees laughed a lot because of the funny tutors who did the story telling. All the students were all bright, very active and willing to learn. After the story telling, all of us tutors went to our respective tutees, and gave our last messages to them.
The 2 major problems I have encountered were (1) sustaining the attention of the children during teaching hours. This is however normal for such age group. Nonetheless, there is further need to learn more how about this aspect of teaching. (2) The venue could have been better if there was more space for better ventilation and cooling. The heat contained in such a small room for a total number of 30 people inside the room contributed to the discomfort of the kids, despite their enthusiasm to participate in the activities. To be able to overcome these challenge I must encouraged and befriend the kids to participate and be at attention. I became a kid again for them. Must direct the lone electric fan to the kids instead of us, tutors.
Helping out and sharing the most that I can do for my young friends in NSTP through teachings, blessings, and my bond with them are the best lessons I carried with to rebuild as a better human being. Poverty for me is pain in life. True wealth isn't measured through how much or what you have. That

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