Nt1110 Unit 7 Essay

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Gale arrived at our office with the laptop. After logging into his computer it would blue screen then reboot with a “Critical Process Died Error” message. I was able to get to advanced boot options and attempted to run a system restore but there were no restore points. Attempted to boot into safe mode from advanced boot options, but his computer would just restart and boot into normal mode. Logged in as Gale and quickly configured msconfig to boot into safe mode. After restarting the computer, it would just boot back into normal mode and shortly after windows would crash again. Logged in as both the local and domain itsadmin account and the crashing stopped. I found the reason there were no system restore points was because it was disabled.…show more content…
When logging into the new profile, it was logging him in as a temporary one. Backed up the data from the old profile then deleted the old profiles files. Removed the old profile from the registry then reboot his computer. I was able to log in under the new profile. Shortly after I logged in I lost connection. It eventually came back up, but I found his computer was crashing again. Gale needed his computer up a running for tomorrow when he had to go back to Texas. Created Gale a local account on the computer and configured his One Drive and Outlook. Moved the data I backed up from the old profile to his new local profile. Confirmed everything was working under the local profile. Got with Dave in or Office for assistance. Called and explained to Gale that we still did not know what was causing his computer to crash while logged in under his domain account. Told Gale, I set him up with a local account to use in the meantime. Told Gale when he gets back from Texas to let us know so we can continue troubleshooting the issue. Received a call back from Gale after hours, he was missing his autocompletes in Outlook. Pulled the autocomplete file from the data I backed up from his old profile and put it into his new
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