Nt1210 Chapter 1 Review Essay

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Multiple Choices

1. Which of the following is true about 1 bit?
C. Represents one binary digit

2. Which of the following terms means approximately 106 bytes?
B. Megabytes

3. Which answer lists the correct number of bits associated with each term?
C. 64 bits per quadruple word

4. Which of the following are true about random-access memory (RAM) as it is normally used inside a personal computer?
A.Used for short term memory
E. Is installed on the motherboard

5. This chapter describes the concepts behind how a CPU reads the contents from RAM. Which of the following is true about the process of read data. As described in the chapter?
A.The CPU tells the RAM which address holds data that the CPU wants to read.

6. A user
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C. Input of commands that controls the computer

19. For a particular computer display, the screen resolution is set to 1280 x 1024. Which if the following is true about the term screen resolution, these two numbers, and what they describe?
C. The screen is using more than 1 million pixels
D. 1024 is the number of items top to bottom in a grid on the screen.

20. Which of the following might be a useful part of a pixel map?
A.Information that identifies each individual pixel on the computer display
B. A binary code for each pixel, defining its color

Key Terms

Computer- A computer the process-recieves in, thinks about, changes, stores, sends out, displays, and prints data in the form of bits.
Bit- The smallest unit of data stored in a computing device, representing a single binary digit of value 0 or 1.
Byte- A unit of data in a computer: 8 bits
Random-access memory (RAM)- A type of short-term memory computer memory used by computers, primarily used as a temporary working memory by the CPU.
Character set- A list of the characters that can be used in a given language and languages, mapped to corresponding unique binary codes and published as a convention or standard so that computers can use a consistent set of binary values to represent text values.
File- A collection of bytes, assigned a name for easy reference by the file system ad grouped together for storage on a

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