Nt1210 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Review Activities 1) D 2) B 3) B and E 4) C and E 5) A 6) D 7) C 8) C 9) A, C and D 10) C and D 11) A 12) C and D 13) B 14) C 15) A and D 16) D 17) D
18) D 19) A 20) B Define Key Terms
Computer Networking: A group of computers sharing data.
Computer Network: A LAN (local area network) that connects computers in a house, at school or at work.
Application: A software program that runs on any computer / device that enables the user to perform specific tasks.
Email: A system for sending and receiving messages.
Voice call: A
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Lab 2.2 Review 1) If you created a shortcut to every website you visit often, your display would be covered up with them. Instead, use the bookmark or favorites tab in your browser for easy reference when you need to visit those sites. 2) If you are using it for a personal business computer, only then would you have that much data that it would require it. 3) To get needed information. Exercise 2.3.1
LAN: Local-Area Network: Used in a small area e.g., home, office.
MAN: Metro-Area Network: Used in large cities.
PAN: Personal-Area Network: Used for personal devices e.g., computers, cell phones and PDAs.
WAN: Wide-Area Network: Used for crossing large distances.
Exercise 2.3.2: A network topology is the arrangement of a computer network, how they should be connected.
Exercise 2.3.3: It would take 1 hop to send a message from A to B. To get from B to A, it would take 3 hops. It would take one link to connect E to D and C. It would add one additional message to the ring.
Exercise 2.3.4: It would take 1 hop to go from A to D, and from D to A. One additional link would connect E to the network, which would have no effect on sending messages.
Exercise 2.3.5: It would take 2 messages using a hub, but only 1 if using a switch. Adding node E will not have an effect on the network.
Exercise 2.3.6: To send from A to D is 1 hop. A to B is also 1 hop. It would take 4 links to

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