Nt1310 Unit 2 Assignment

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2a. Habituation is when the response to a certain stimuli decrease when it becomes frequent. For example, when I first moved into my apartment I would always hear the train at nighttime and it would keep me up or wake me up when it would start passing by. After a month or so, my body stopped responding to the train blowing its horn when it would pass. It is an appropriate example because after I became habituated to the sound, I started getting more sleep and more sleep meant a restful night to recharge for the next day. 2b. Sensitization is when experiences with arousing stimuli go onto stronger responses to a secondary stimulus that comes later on. For example, the sound of a car backfiring and a veteran who just returned from combat. The sound of the car backfiring to one may be normal, but the veteran may associate it with a gunshot. The veteran may respond to the sound by taking cover, even if there isn’t a threat to him or the people around him. It is an appropriate example because the arousing stimulus was combat and the sound of the gunfire. The secondary stimulus was the sound of the car backfiring. The sounds sound alike in a way that will make the veteran have strong responses to the car…show more content…
Variable interval schedule of reinforcement is when a response or outcome is rewarded after a fixed amount of time. The fixed amount of time is never consistent. For example, pop quizzes. If a professor says at the beginning of the semester there are pop quizzes, but never tells you exactly when. The student will be paying attention throughout the weeks because he knows there might be a pop quiz. Once the professor gives out the pop quiz the student doesn’t know exactly when the next one will be coming, therefore he continues to pay attention. The example is appropriate because the student doesn’t know when there will be a quiz and the professor gives the quizzes out at random, therefore there are not a fixed number of days or weeks that the pop quizzes will

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