Nt1310 Unit 2 Case 6.1 Unmanaged Switch

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Section 6.1, Question 3:
Unmanaged switches used to communicate to another device. Ethernet devices allow to talking to other devices like computer or printer. these are not allowed any changes to the configuration. Most of the time used for small networks or connect to the large network to the small network. Coming to the managed switch. It is provided all the features of unmanaged switch Not only that it has some extra features. We will configure, monitor LAN and manage a network. Easily track how the data travel over the network and easily find who access it. We can easily manage protocols and know who call the SNMP and know who exchange the information between network devices and tells the status of the device and health of the network,
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In that case, configure the port vale other than auto. For manual configure port seed is set to 10 or 100 Mbps the switch allows to configure the duplex mode. We cannot change the duplex mode of auto-negotiation ports. If it is a set the port speed varies to trigger on to auto on a 10 or 100 Mbps Ethernet port.
Section 6.4 Question1:
• VLANs provide high network security. Sniffing the network is difficult. We can control whenever resource to allow.
• Large to small VLANs reduce the broadcast traffic and sent to the data to required VLAN.
• Basically, routers costlier than switches. VLANs is cost-effective than creating a new routed network with routers
• VLANs tell which network is connected and very transparent on the physical topology
Section 6.5 Question 1
Trunking is basically carried multiple signals simultaneously and give them access to network points. It has many cables; wires and it increases the bandwidth of the network. It multiplexed the physical cables. A trunk connects to the switch nodes. Exchange information from central office to branches. In the data network, we have two methods. first thing trunk transfer data from local area network to virtual area networks. Second trunk bod multi-physical link to single. this trunking. Trunk port defined in IEEE standards.
Section 6.6 Question
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