Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 PDD

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During planning and designing process of the game there were some requirements that did not make into the final version. These can be found in my PDD and these were the original ideas that I wanted to implement for my game, but due to unforeseeable reasons and time I had to cut these requirements from the final version of game. Hence, some compromises were made and the current is somewhat different from what I envision at beginning though the core aspect of the game still remains intact, which is to make a topdown shooter game. Here are the objectives stated in the PDD that weren’t implemented in the final version:
• Items
During the initial design I did plan for some sort of pop up items (e.g. turret, power ups) in the game where it will temporary boast the player stats (e.g. increasing the player health) or spawn a companion (e.g. friendly turret) to assist player with their predicament. This design was influenced by other games in this genre where multiple items are spawned in the game world to assist player and it is the most used formula in most games, as it allows player to adapt new strategies. At the beginning I did thought it will play a key role in the game but late on when I revisited my design again I thought it might make the game more complicated, plus I was behind the schedule so I dropped from my objectives as given the time and its importance it wasn’t
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Though late I dropped from the requirements due to limited technical solution and time as the prototype that I made did not worked properly and the time was running out so I had to drop from the game. Also, reason been that it did not affect the overall functionality and I wanted the project to be as simple as possible for easier
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