Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 2013

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IGN (In Game Name): LUEGO
Age: 15
Country: United States
Do you have a good quality mic?:Yes, I do have a good quality mic.
Do you have Telegram & Teamspeak?: I do not have telegram, but I do have teamspeak.
How many hours can you put in the server per week:
Monday - Thursday (3:00pm - 10:00pm)
Friday (3:00pm - 3:00am)
Saturday (6:00am - 3:00am)
Sunday (6:00am - 10:00pm)
Any previous punishments on Faithful?: I have never been banned or punished in anyway on Faithful.

Any past experiences in being a staff member: Yes, staff experience is what I do indeed have. I have been staff on one server so far, and I lasted about six months as a staff member. My staff rank was a senior moderator, and throughout the course of six months I was gaining as much experience as I can as a staff member. So know I know I am ready to take on a bigger challenge and that is why I am here applying for staff on a great server, also known as FairhfulMC.

Why do you want to become staff?:
Becoming a staff member on Faithful is a big responsibility, and I do understand that. Therefore becoming staff member on Faithful is a
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Not only that, but I enjoy helping people on the server. I will never have a problem helping people on the server, and I promise that I will never have an excuse to get out of helping a certain person with their problem, because I know that it is my job and I will never do that to a person that has a question about the server or a problem on the server. I am also decent with screen sharing hackers, I am not saying that I am good at screen sharing. If I were to rate myself on how good of a screen sharer I am I will probably give my self a six out of ten. and as of right now I do understand that screen sharing is one of the key factors for catching a hacker, that is why I will try my best to improve my screen sharing skills.
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