Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment Of Module Analysis

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. State why it is a good idea to test a module in isolation from other modules and why different modules making up a software product are almost never integrated simultaneously? It’s a good idea to test a module in isolation from other modules to best identify and rectify bugs within each module. Also to it’s important that each module works properly on its own. In this way, problems are easier to identify and fix than otherwise would be the case.
Similar precaution is taken when integrating different modules. Such modules are rarely integrated simultaneously because the likelihood of bugs and problems slipping through unnoticed is much higher. By integrating module incrementally, each module can be tested as it is added partially and in turn,
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The iterations are thus limited to at best an educated guess and if any change is necessary (which will happen) the whole model will need to be reworked, which is wasteful of time and resources. Iterations are limited because the waterfall model is limited. Without the assumed need for flexibility that other software process modules have built in, the waterfall model fails to take into account the usefulness of iterations in software development processes, which is one of the main reasons that it as a model is inefficient and out of touch with the realities of development.
3. Why is it increasingly irrelevant to distinguish between software development and evolution? Distinguishing between software development and evolution is increasingly irrelevant because fewer and fewer systems are completely new. In a way, then, development and evolution are talking about the same thing. Not only referring to maintaining already existent software or developing new versions based while retaining old code; much software that’s being development will borrow from extant software, evolving various parts into something new but not totally
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Change is inevitable because technology, consumer demand, client need, and the amount of resources are always in flux. The demand for complex systems are in large part a reaction to the complexity of reality and as the world is always changing in complex ways, hence the need for continuously changing systems. I’d posit that this is a good thing, especially regarding what systems are able to do as technology has changed how we are able to live and function, I’d say for the better, and I assume that honing and advancing software systems will continue to make the world a better place.
Two examples of software process activities are design modeling, which documents the structure of the software which then helps honing and developing said software, and code refactoring, which improves code quality and makes it more ready to adjust to change. Both of these are essentially ways of making processes clearer and cleaner so that when change does occur, there’s a higher level of understanding and amenability. References:
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