Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment Paper

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What is your IGN ? : LoafMe Previous IGN's: Age (Must be 13 or over): 13 Do you have TeamSpeak, skype and a microphone?: Yes, I do. What country do you currently live in ?: United States What rank are you currently on the Network?: Wenja TimeZone ?: EST Do you have any previous experience ?:I really don't have much staff experience, but I know this will help the server out. I was once Moderator on RougeHCF it got 20-30 players a day and recently it got shut down. I was also a staff member on BubbleHCF it got like 20 players a day it was a pretty good server in till the owner could not pay for it anymore. I would really like to start a good staff experience on this server. How active can you…show more content…
When I have a job to do I try my best to get it done. I always make sure a player gets help and if they don’t get helped by another staff member I will always be there to help them. I have been playing HCF for about 2 years, I have always enjoyed playing it. When I am trying to do my task/job I will never fail I will keep trying no matter what. Even though my past was a little rough playing HCF, because I was toxic, not mature, and etc.. I learned from that. I really do not like being rude to playing, I like helping them out. I learned a lot playing HCF, throughout my time I have learned many things and I think I can use them things and help players. I have gained a lot of information that will help out other fellow players. Though the years of playing HCF I have learned a lot about it. Also, throughout my staff experiences it helped learn how to be a staff member on HCF server etc. I learned the basic commands at the start and now I know pretty much everything about HCF I now know all the commands. Throughout the past years of HCF I cannot say I had a “Great reputation” I've had a pretty bad one and I learned from that and know I am doing better. I’ve made myself a better player. I am opened to learning new things and I love making new friends. I love doing new things and trying new things that I never did before. I will always be the type of person you…show more content…
I do not mess around and makes jokes in a big problem. I do not loose my temper at all. I am a very loyal and trustworthy person. I do not swear that much I really don't say "Easy" "L" such things like that. I am very experienced on screen sharing I know where to check. I am very patient I do not get angry or I do not rush players/staff. Also, as previously mentioned, I have a few experiences with server moderation. I believe this gives me the edge over a few other applicants as I have got the experience required to just dive in. I feel I am a very friendly person, however, I can be forceful and strict when I need to. I also feel I am a very helpful person. I feel like I am a good leader, and mature for my age. I will honestly help anyone I can no matter where they are from. I will try to be on each server every server equally. Although I'm 13, I am mature, reasonable and fair whenever it is required; I am not, however, unable to be relaxed and fun when the situation doesn't call for firm but fair action. I've had a fairly large amount of moderating experience in the
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