Nt1310 Unit 3 Research Paper Material

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This submission is a unique one since it was not a written assignment but three videos. As a summer research assistant for Professor Jennifer Drake at the University of Toronto, my two colleagues and I had to create three research videos depicting the research of three graduate students. It was an honour to make the videos of three graduate students who I had worked closely with in the summer, Ali Jahanfar and his research on the effects of solar panel shading on the plant’s growth, Kirti Sehgal and her work on permeable pavement and determining which type of pavement worked the best and Dalia El Helow and her research on how the cooling effects of green roof could help improve efficiency the solar panel efficiency. The following three videos provide a brief overview of the work of the graduate students but they also provide a good…show more content…
The most important point of this submission was that it was uploaded to Youtube, allowing it to be seen by the world and inform the general public about these low-impact development technologies. Even I didn’t know some of the benefits and applications of green roofs and permeable pavement before I started this work term so I hope that these videos will introduce the general public more about these technologies. As cities continue to grow, green roofs, permeable pavements, solar panels and other low-impact development technologies have a lot of potentials, so I hope through videos like these they will be more well known and accepted so that our communities could become more green and sustainable in the
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