Nt1310 Unit 3 Types Of Active Attack

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2. Active Attack: Active attacks are those attacks where the attacker takes malicious action in addition to passively listening to ongoing traffic e.g. attacker might choose to modify packets, inject packets or even disrupt network service. The misbehaving node has to bear some energy costs in order to perform some harmful operation like changing the data. Active attacks cause damage and are malicious which often threaten integrity, availability of the network.
These type of attacks can be internal or external [7].
 Generic Attacks against Routing: Routing is very important function in MANETs. It can also be easily misused, leading to several types of attack. Routing protocols in general are prone to attacks from malicious nodes. These protocols
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Location disclosure Attack: This type of attack is a part of the information disclosure attack. The malicious node(s) leaks information regarding the location or the structure of the network. It itself may also use the location information for further attack. It gathers the node location information such as a route map and knows nodes situated on the target route. Figure 1.3 show Location disclosure
Figure 1.3: Location disclosure Attack
As shown in figure 1.3 node M1 collect all topology information & either discloses it to other malicious node M2 or itself uses for attack on any other node for example M1 would send fake Message to S.
Introduction to MANET
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Flooding: In this type of attack, attacker (malicious) node(s) broadcast false packets or ghost packets which have wrong routing information & drain valuable resources like battery, processing power, and bandwidth. It leads to increased traffic in network, keeping nodes busy and reduced network performance.
Denial of Service (DoS) attack: This type of attack has similarity with Flooding type of attacks. This type of attack is any event that diminishes or eliminates a network’s capacity to perform its expected function. These attacks are launched against server resources
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