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In MIMO system there is multiple antennas is provided at the transmitter side as well as receiver side. Using multiple antennas at the transmitter and the receiver side could able to increase spectral efficiency, produces higher capacity and provides more data rates for wireless communication. In MIMO system there is SU-MIMO that is called single user MIMO in which when there is data rates need to be increased for single user then it is known as SU-MIMO, and if there is individual stream is allocated to multiple users; then it is called multiuser MIMO (MU-MIMO).
In MIMO system, let’s consider there is Mt transmitting antenna and Mr receive antennas where s= [S1, S2……SM] t is the transmitted data vector,
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Functions of MIMO
The main function of MIMO system includes precoding, spatial multiplexing and diversity coding. Precoding is the process of multi-stream beamforming which process at the transmitter. The main advantage of multi stream beamforming is to increase the received signal input, by making signals emitted from different antennas add up constructively and it is also able to mitigate the multipath fading effect. Precoding requires channel state information at the transmitter. When there is multiple antennas at the receiver, the transmit beamforming cannot simultaneously maximize the signal level at all the receive antennas, and precoding with multiple stream is used. MIMO antenna configuration is requires in spatial multiplexing. In spatial multiplexing the high rate signal is divide into low rate signals and each individual stream is transmitted from different transmit antenna which is having the same frequency channel. Spatial multiplexing is technique which is capable of increasing channel capacity at higher signal to noise
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