Nt1310 Unit 5 Simulation Report

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3. SIMULATION AND RESULT EVALUATION Simulation environment consists of wired, wireless and wired cum wireless network. Network simulator NS 2.35 [6] is used for the simulation. NS is a discrete event simulator, where the advance of times depends on the timing of events which are maintained by simulator. 3.1. Wired network simulation scenario The network topology is shown in the Fig. 1. It consists of TCP sender and TCP receiver and a router. Node n0 and n1 is source node, node n3 is a receiver node and one finite buffer router node n2. Source n0 and n1 use TCP protocol and ftp as traffic. The link between n2 and n3 is called bottleneck link. The link n0-n2 and n1-n2 are full wired duplex link with bandwidth of 2Mb and delay 10ms. The bottleneck
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