Nt1310 Unit 7 Research Paper

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During this school year so far I have learned many things, including when we researched Summit’s ‘Definite Dozen’ in September and I’m familiar with her life. My note-taking is one of the many skills that was improved in this class, I can copy down words faster and summarize better. I haven’t really changed much, if I did it would be for the worse. If I could go back and redo the past to fix my mistakes, I would so I can be more successful and have a higher grade.

The score I deserve for both Quarter 2 and Semester 1 is a C at most. I say this because recently I haven’t turned in any of my assignments due and missing some school. Though I can’t repair the past, I can try my best for the present and the future. I hope after this reflection is done, it will help my grade and prove that I will try to turn in
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Therefore, one can predict some of the issues, such as procrastination which can lead to not doing work at all and not turning in any assignments until it’s too late to. In a similar manner, I sometimes just forget to do something extremely vital to my education. Another problem that can arise is social awkwardness, where it is occasionally difficult to communicate with others and reach out to ask questions.

My skill level at using Word including the Bibliography tool is evaluated easily, adequate and decent. For instance, this talent is shown is this very document and could also be seen in my Future City essay. Other than the basic use of the fundamentals of coherent writing such as grammar and spelling, the capacity to use the Bibliography tool in Word stands out the most.

Since the only team member was just me, the assignments given were almost unmanageable, so I wasn’t productive at all. When I began Future City I started up the documents and I knew what I wanted. Despite that, they turned up half done. To improve I shall attempt to overcome my
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